1. Basically this is how I’ve been feeling the past week. My work is very labor-intensive and my back is killing me. And my arms. And my legs.

    I think I may need to go to a professional. Also…

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  2. Why do people reblog those posts that are all “My dad/mom says that if this gets 2487634785 notes, I can go to the moon!”?

    What parent (or person in general) in heaven or hell, would say, “If you can get 500,000 people to care about you for a half second by clicking on your blog post, we can go to adventureland.”

    Who falls for that shit? It’s total BS.

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  3. prrb:

    please turn on the audio for this

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    back to school commercials


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    I haven’t listened to this yet but i don’t know what to expect

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    when your mom says no to mcdonalds


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    im gunNA VOMIT


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  10. Not too long ago I was scavenging in Flight Rising and found an ice egg. Inside it was this sweet piece of ass.

    But his tertiary is FOREST

    I want to gene him, and he actually looks quite sexy with Ripple/Current, but his tertiary just ruins everything.

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